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Schedule is the decentralized automation solution, which allows users to Start and Stop their virtual machines during off-hours on user-defined schedules.

With this solution you can cut your costs on the resources with low usage or no usage and prevent unexpected overspendings.

  • Schedule your VMs to start and stop.
  • Set a timer to automatically switch on and off your virtual server.
  • Make your administration simple and efficient: schedule your timer just in few clicks and the system will record and comply with your requirements.
  • FPT HI GIO CLOUD calculates actual costs every second.
  • For Pay-As-You-Go model users: your virtual servers will automatically switch off when you are not using them to minimize your costs.

Technical support about monitoring function is available 24/7/365 for all FPT HI GIO CLOUD customers.

HOW TO USE SCHEDULE FUNCTION: View the User Guide, Click here.