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On August 8, FPT presented it’s digital transformation innovations at the Vietnam ICT Summit 2019, hosted by the Ministry of Information and Communications of Vietnam in partnership with VINASA. This year around 800 leaders from local and central ministries, commissions, departments, and organizations in and out of Vietnam attended the summit.

Digital transformation is not only a global technology trend, but also has a profound impact on the economy of each country. For Vietnam in general and it’s organizations and businesses in particular, digital transformation has become a vital role to improve productivity, optimize resources, breakthrough business development and capture trend. Vietnam ICT Summit 2019 with the theme "Digital transformation towards a prosperous Vietnam” emphasizes the importance of the digital transformation process and call for action at all companies, organizations, and departments to apply digital technologies to improve the competition.

Mr. Nguyen Van Khoa, CEO of FPT Corporation, said: "The National Digital Transformation Project has set an ambitious goal for Vietnam to reach the top 40 in the world, the top 4 ASEAN in Global Competitiveness Index. To accomplish this, Digital Transformation is the key for the government, businesses, and the society. FPT is proud to be the pioneer in leading such National Digital Transformation process with it’s comprehensive solutions and high-quality employees. With the latest technological achievements, FPT will help organizations, businesses to reduce 30-50% of the time for implementing digital transformation projects”.

At the event, FPT Group brought it’s technologies that contribute to the National Digital Transformation process. FPT Telecom International presented two services that are made to evaluate the foundation of businesses and organizations in the 4.0 industry revolution.

FPT HI GIO CLOUD. The cloud service that offers the most advanced cloud technology to Vietnam market and is the product of powerful collaboration between two Internet giants FPT and Internet Initiative Japan.

  • Super-fast deployment for enterprise-grade systems and flexible payment methods.
  • Multiple protection functions: static NAT, firewall, port forwarding, VPN, multi-factor authentication, data encryption, automatic backup, etc.
  • Multiregional BAAS and multiregional virtual machine system’s deployment on FPT HI GIO CLOUD in multiple data centers (Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City) to maximize your system’s performance, availability and redundancy.

FPT HI GIO CLOUD keeps constantly improving it’s service and implementing new functions.

NEW! DRaaS and Traffic Manager coming soon.


OFFICE 365. FPT Telecom International is the Microsoft CSP Tier I in Vietnam and provides the full spectrum of Microsoft solutions for SMBs and Enterprise customers: Office 365, Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Windows 10.

Cloud-based software services by Microsoft are made to optimize your work performance and generate value to speed up the digital transformation.

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