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To support you make the most of our special 3 months free BaaS trial offer and learn more about the BaaS, we havecreated the FPT HI GIO CLOUD BaaS Introduction & Guide.


FPT HI GIO CLOUD is the full-scale and full-spectrum cloud service in Vietnam. It is a unique product and a result of cooperation between two leading technology companies: FPT Telecom and Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ).

FPT HI GIO CLOUD provides customers with the following functions:

· Public Cloud: Basic public cloud resource with reserved instance and storage.

· BaaS: Easy-to-deploy and affordable cloud backup service.

· Traffic Manager: In-bound traffic control and DNS management utilities.

· VMware Edition: Full stack of VMware technology with limitless functionalities.

Extending the service to meet your constantly growing demands, FPT HI GIO CLOUD will soon launch 2 new functions:

· S3 storage (Coming Soon)

  • Private Cloud (Coming Soon)

One of the key functions of FPT HI GIO CLOUD is BaaS. The Backup as a Service (BaaS) solution allows you to backup and restore your data and system in the FPT Data Centers in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City through the cloud platform with FPT HI GIO CLOUD.

Download the FPT HI GIO CLOUD BaaS Introduction & Guide now!

To help you understand the service better, we tried to combine all the important information in one easy-to-read document. FPT HI GIO CLOUD BaaS Introduction & Guide will give you the knowledge about: FPT HI GIO CLOUD, Backup as a Service solution, BaaS technical information and functions, BaaS Packages, FPT Telecom International, IIJand VEEAM.

Click here to download the FPT HI GIO CLOUD BaaS Introduction & Guide.

You also can learn more and sign up for the 3-month Free BaaS Trial here.


Hurry up to try FPT HI GIO CLOUD BaaS now, decide later!

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