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Sign a 6-months or longer term flat rate contract to purchase FPT HI GIO CLOUD services.

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Experience the highest level of service, stability, availability and let us build for you a custom-tailored cloud solution.

Cloud security is our top priority! We secure your accounts, systems and data, detect and prevent threats and act fast to protect your organization.

Receive our professional certified local support in VN and EN 24/7/365

We offer the most advanced Japanese cloud technology, adapted for Vietnam market with our strong local expertise.

What is

Enjoy the flexibility to pay annually for some fixed amount of resource and to pay as you go for short term spin ups or quick trials.

With the Flat Rate contract, FPT HI GIO CLOUD charges you a single fixed fee for a service, regardless your usage.

  • Get our FREE professional technical consultancy!
  • Our team will study all your needs and requirements and prepare you a custom-tailored cloud solution which will fit your business.
  • Experience our super-fast deployment within only 2 hours!
  • Run even large enterprise workloads!
  • Use our easy management platform to monitor and control your cloud system, manage roles and control your billing.
  • Get UNLIMITED professional support from our cloud experts.

FPT HI GIO CLOUD for SMB’s and Enterprises

Run your Email server.

Provide all your team with 10 to 100 mailboxes, included automatic daily backup and restore function

Run your Web + Database within 1 VM.

FPT HI GIO CLOUD commits SLA 99.99%. Even if you run only 1 VM, we guarantee you the highest level of performance, so you can run multiple services on 1 VM simultaneously.

Run your Web + DB + Application system on FPT HI GIO CLOUD.

Start small with limited resources, pay monthly, scale up and down anytime as your require. Includes pre-set official Windows data center license with monthly subscription.


Run your File server for all your team.

Upload, download and share data. FPT HI GIO CLOUD offers the large capacity SSD disk and large internet bandwidth at the most reasonable price.

Run all core-system on FPT HI GIO CLOUD with ERP/SAP applications.

Run many resources at the short time for an event.

Suitable for ecommerce and those who run campaigns. Scale up and down anytime you need.


SLA 99.99%. Fully redundant architecture and uninterrupted service provision.


FPT Telecom Data Center. Uptime Institute Tier 3 certified and attained ISO 9001, ISO 50001 and ISO 27001.


Data encryption, encrypted storage, automatic backup.


Security. We secure your accounts and data, provide you with the latest security updates and appropriate security measures, detect and prevent threats, act fast to ensure the safety of our customers.


FPT HI GIO CLOUD supports MPLS connection to secure the direct connection from your office to FPT HI GIO CLOUD system.


Japanese quality standard.


24/7/365 direct support, assistance and troubleshooting from Vietnamese and Japanese cloud experts in Vietnamese and English languages.

Sign a contract and get

  • Virtual Firewall
  • Load balancing with 4.000 CCU
  • VPN Site-to-Site
  • VPN Client-to-Site
  • Data transmission In & Out
  • Monitoring System
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Schedule automation tool (switch on/off VM)
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • System activity log

The rules:

This promotion is valid until December 31 2018.

This promotion is applied to all customers who will sign a 6-months or longer term flat rate contract or an annex to purchase FPT HI GIO CLOUD services.