The very first full scale cloud in Vietnam.
FPT HI GIO CLOUD is the unique product of powerful collaboration between two Internet giants FPT and Internet Initiative Japan.

As a result of taking the most advanced cloud technology and combining it with a long-standing experience and trustworthiness we are excited to introduce Vietnamese businesses to a revolutionary new level of technological and financial flexibility.

Bring your productivity to a new level

FPT HI GIO CLOUD provides you with:

  • A new generation SAN storage;​
  • Unlimited Internet bandwidth;​
  • MPLS bandwidth;​
  • The most powerful CPU;​
  • Outstanding high performance;​
  • Large capacity;​
  • Improved faster memory;​
  • Free load balancer.

Rely on us more. Worry less.

Security is the primary concern for any corporate network. We guarantee that with dedicated bandwidth and sophisticated software and hardware, your sensitive data will be kept confidential between two communication points.

FPT HI GIO CLOUD is powered by FPT Data Center – the top reliable Data Center in Vietnam, certified ISO 9001, 50001, 27001. FPT HI GIO CLOUD provides you with multiple free protection functions including:

  • Free static NAT;
  • Free firewall policy with network access list;
  • Free port forwarding;
  • Free VPN routers provided by FPT HI GIO CLOUD with multiple private networks.

Get the best price for your performance

Choose your ultimate payment plan.

Scale as you need, pay as you use FPT HI GIO CLOUD services or choose pay monthly contract.

In addition to this FPT HI GIO CLOUD provides you with integrated pay monthly Windows Server license.

Absolute stability

Innovative architecture design guarantees full redundancy for achieving more and increasing your productivity.

  • SLA of 99.99%;
  • FPT Data Center is the only Uptime Institute Tier 3 certified Data center in Vietnam;
  • Your power of virtualization is provided by VMware.

Better - Faster - Stronger.

Located in Vietnam to ensure that you have the high-speed connection to the local servers.

With a sophisticated network design, our system allows to switch over to redundant paths when a link or equipment does not function properly.

Only FPT HI GIO CLOUD supports VPN client-to-site, VPN site-to-site, dedicated connections and MPLS connections between FPT data center and all existing data centers in Vietnam.

FPT HI GIO CLOUD integrates with your existing IT environment and supports cross-connection to your servers co-located within the same datacenter.

With FPT GIO hybrid cloud solutions your assets stay right where you need them.

Let us help you

Professional certified local support 24/7/365 is available in Vietnamese and English languages.

Our commitment is to provide you the highest level of service and to ensure that any fault will be reported to you and repaired immediately.

We created for you the FPT HI GIO CLOUD web portal to simplify your VM’s and billing management.


Microsoft SQL, Microsoft, MySQL, Linux, Nginx, VMware

Partner Program

Become successful with FPT HI GIO CLOUD Partner Program. Get full access to the:

  • Exclusive profitability program;
  • Free FPT HI GIO CLOUD services for your internal use;
  • Free training, support and documents.

Want to join our Partner Program or learn more about your potential benefits? Please contact us.

FPT Telecom International

FPT Telecom International strives to be a company guided by technological innovations, committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction, contributing to national prosperity and providing its employees with the most favorable work environment.

We give you the power and flexibility to choose the right IT infrastructure and level of managed services you need to compete more effectively and successfully grow your business.

We provide the highest level of data security and availability for you by adopting stringent framework such as ISO 20000 (ITIL), Tier III, ISO 27001 (BS7799) and ISO 9001:2000.

FPT Data Center is the only data center in Vietnam to achieve the US-based Uptime Institute’s TIER III STANDARD.