Welcome to the FPT HI GIO CLOUD help center

I. Policies and General terms

FPT HI GIO CLOUD is the cloud infrastructure service, that supplies virtual machines, allows its users to expand or diminish the infrastructure flexibly and swiftly upon their desire. The service is owned by FPT Telecom Joint Stock Company (FPT Telecom) – the leading company in telecommunications sector in Vietnam and its regions. Sales e-commerce website https://higio.net belongs under control of FPT Telecom Joint Stock Company, whose purpose is to supply enterprises with cloud infrastructure services, help such enterprises to deploy their information and technology infrastructure rapidly, reduce their initial investment costs and expand the infrastructure swiftly.

  1. Acceptance of Terms of Use

    At the time accessing to the website, it shall mean that customer accepts all of the terms presented thereof. We keep the right to amend, supplement, complement or remove any parts in the Terms and Conditions of this website at any time, such amendments therein shall come into effect right after being uploaded without a prior notice. Customer is responsible to check such updates.

  2. The nature of presented information

    All contents presented on the website https://higio.net is meant to provide information with respect to products and services provided by FPT Telecom. Other related information which is served for customer’s demand will be specified its source.

II. Terms and payment form

Customer is allowed to choose online payment method, including Visa, Master, or Debit card.

  1. In HCMC, Customer will transfer to the account:

    • Account name: FPT International Telecom Company Limited
    • Account number: 007 1000 898 982
    • Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade in Vietnam – HCMC Branch
  2. In Hanoi, Customer will transfer to the account:

    • Account name: Branch of FPT International Telecom Company Limited
    • Account number: 240 7200 8002
    • Tien Phong Joint Stock Commercial Bank – Pham Hung Branch

III. Terms for service installation

  • Option 1: Customer can create an account in the Registration section to purchase services on the website https://higio.net.
  • Option 2: FPT Telecom will create an account for Customer and send signing-in link to the Customer. FPT Telecom will provide a username and password for Customer to use the service.

IV. Warranty and maintenance policy

The provided service is an online service, accordingly, no policies on warranty and maintenance are available. We guarantee the service quality set forth under the SLA (link to SLA).

V. Cancellation, return and refund

After registering for FPT HI GIO CLOUD service, Customer shall not be allowed to cancel, change or be refunded in any circumstances.

VI. Privacy policy

For the purpose of ensuring safety for the website and privacy of customer’s information, FPT HI GIO CLOUD regulates privacy policy applicable to individual customers and organizations when creating accounts on the website https://higio.net.

The term “You” used hereinafter refers to individual customers or organizations when accessing and using the service set forth on the website https://higio.net.

We keep the right to change, update, and supplement this policy at any time. The amended version shall come into effect at the time of an update. If You continue to use the website https://higio.net following an update to the privacy policy, You signify that You understand and accept to be bound by the Privacy Policy of FPT HI GIO CLOUD.

  1. Purpose of information collection

    Collection of information via the website https://higio.net helps us to:

    • Record the purchase order so as to deliver services satisfying customer’s request;
    • Instantly update promotions and discount programs and other marketing activities held by FPT HI GIO CLOUD ;
    • Assist customer in the fastest way possible in case of complaints and suggestions.
  2. Scope of information collection

    The website https://higio.net collects the following customer’s information:

    • Full name
    • Email address
    • Telephone
    • Address
    • Selected product
    • Quantity of order
    • Other information (if any)
  3. Scope of information use

    We understand that privacy and security are important to customer, for this reason, we commit not to use customer’s information if such use does not benefit to the customer, we also guarantee that no sale, exchange of customer’s confidential information to other third party is allowed. However, under some special cases, we may reasonably share such customer’s information if:

    • Being approved by the customer.
    • To protect our company and company’s partners: We only disclose personal information of customer after thorough and deliberate consideration that such information will help to protect benefits, properties of our company and related partners. Such information shall be disclosed legally in compliance with Vietnamese laws.
    • Being requested by regulatory authorities after our consideration that such request is legitimate in accordance with Vietnamese laws.
    • • Under some cases where provision of customer’s information is necessary, such as promotions sponsored by the third party for example, we will inform customer before such customer’s information is shared. Customer is entitled to decide to share such information or participate in programs or not.
  4. Duration for information storage

    FPT HI GIO CLOUD will store all personal information provided by Customer in our internal system during our service supply to Customer, or to the time we complete the purpose of information collection or following a request from Customer to remove provided information.

  5. Address of the entity collecting and managing personal information:

    FPT International Telecom Company Limited
    Head office: Lot L.29B-31B-33B Tan Thuan Road, Tan Thuan EPZ, Tan Thuan Dong Ward, District 7, HCMC, VN
    Tel: (84-28) 7300 2222. Hotline: 1900 6973. Fax: (84-28) 7300 8889

  6. Means and tools to access and edit personal data

    Customer is able to perform aforementioned rights itself by accessing to the website or contacting us via email or contact address available on the website https://higio.net.

  7. Commitment on securing personal information

    We guarantee to ensure safety of information for our valued customers when such personal information is registered. We guarantee that we shall not exchange customer’s information for business purposes. All sharing and usage of such information must be in compliance with our privacy policy. We truly believe that we will make customer reliable and satisfied with our privacy policy after engaging in and using our services.

    • To protect customer’s information on the highest level, we truly recommend that You should limit the auto-signing in to account, notice to your password saving and ensure the signing out of account after using a public computer to sign in to your account on our website. We shall not be liable for personal data leaks due to such reasons thereof.
    • Privacy policy is only applicable to information which has been registered on our official website https://higio.net. Any registered information on other websites or addresses will not belong to scope of Privacy Policy.
  8. Connection to other websites

    This website provides some links to other websites or resources. You shall be solely liable for using such links. FPT HI GIO CLOUD assumes no obligation to evaluate or authenticate content, accuracy, viewpoint presented on such websites and resources. FPT HI GIO CLOUD assumes no obligation with respect to the accuracy, presented content, safety and displaying or hiding such information on websites and resources thereof.

  9. Connection from other websites

    FPT HI GIO CLOUD will not give permission to any Internet service providers to “place” or “dip” any parts of a website to another site or use technical measures to change the interface/ default display of the website https://higio.net without our prior consent.

  10. Exemption of liability

    • Information presented on the website will not be ensured or assumed any liabilities by FPT HI GIO CLOUD for the comfort of product, service chosen by customer.
    • FPT HI GIO CLOUD refuses to take responsibility or ensure website is error-free, safe, uninterrupted or ensure the accuracy, adequacy and timing of presented information.
    • By accessing to this website, customer is deemed to have agreed that FPT HI GIO CLOUD , other providers together with their affiliates, employees shall not be liable for direct or indirect injury, loss, lawsuit, damage due to unpredictability or consequence, in whatever forms, in relation to: (1) Usage of information on this website; (2) Connectivity from the website; (3) Member registration, registration for email receipt or participation in frequent customer program held by FPT HI GIO CLOUD .
    • All conditions and limitations thereof are effective in accordance with current laws.