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Monitoring is the act of collecting and analyzing data to determine the performance, health and availability of resources that you depend on.

With FPT HI GIO CLOUD built-in Monitoring tool you now can see the full picture of your system: track your performance, troubleshoot and detect outages.

  • Monitor and see all metrics of your system on one single display on FPT HI GIO CLOUD Web Portal.
  • Monitor your Virtual Machines and Performance. Supported metrics: CPU, RAM, Disk capacity, Disk I/O and Network bandwidth.
  • Manage an amount of resources you actually use and accurately assess your system.
  • Analyze your reports and build your own plan to scale up or scale down, according to your needs.
  • Ensure that you always keep your high performance and cost-effectiveness.

Technical support about monitoring function is available 24/7/365 for all FPT HI GIO CLOUD customers.

HOW TO USE MONITORING FUNCTION: View the User Guide, Click here.