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Viet A Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Việt Á Bank) and FPT Telecom have recently signed a cooperation agreement. According to this agreement, the entire data system of Việt Á Bank is now going move from physical data center to FPT HI GIO CLOUD.


July 22, 2017, Việt Á Bank signed the contract FPT Telecom to use the Private Cloud service of FPT HI GIO CLOUD and became the first bank in Vietnam to move their entire data to the cloud. Việt Á Bank believes that FPT HI GIO CLOUD provides the most suitable solutions to store its data.

Furthermore, this decision is a part of Việt Á Bank plan to push up the IT infrastructure of Việt Á Bank in order to keep up with the era of innovations and become one of the leading banks in Vietnam.

This event has been marked as a significant cooperation between one of the leading banks and one of the leading cloud computing providers in the country. This cooperation is also an important case study for other businesses (especially banks), who are considering moving to a cloud. And it is just the beginning of the Digital Banking trend.

Nghiem Sy Thang – CIO of Việt Á Bank, one of the leading experts in the information security of banking industry said: “Migration to the cloud is not just a global trend in information management of banking sector, but it also gives businesses a variety of outstanding benefits, such as smart investment, saving costs on the equipment, top-quality infrastructure, resources, up-to-date technology, etc. Our bank will keep increasing its efficiency and bringing the best services for our valued customers.”


FPT HI GIO CLOUD is a product of powerful cooperation between FPT Telecom and Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ).

Here are just a few outstanding benefits businesses get when choosing FPT HI GIO CLOUD:

First of all, it is the high availability. The cloud computing model chosen by Việt Á Bank is based on the FPT HI GIO CLOUD technology, which allows businesses to stay connected anytime and anywhere. It avoids downtime risks which are currently one of the biggest issues for the whole banking sector in Vietnam.

The second benefit is – the cloud allows businesses to reduce costs of infrastructure. Instead of investing a physical data center in headquarters as before, using cloud computing service helps Việt Á Bank to save human resources costs and expenses on actual space to maintain the physical data center.

The third benefit is the security. All data systems of Việt Á Bank are stored in the Data Center of FPT Telecom, which meets all standards of information security and confidentiality. FPT Data Center is Uptime Institute Tier 3 certified – an international certification, provided by Uptime Institute (USA), which is the most trusted and prestigious rating for data center services. Furthermore, FPT Telecom Data Center has ISO 9001, ISO 50001, ISO 27001 certifications.

The cooperation between FPT Telecom and Việt Á Bank is the pioneering step. From FPT side, FPT HI GIO CLOUD guarantees the highest level of availability, security and performance to ensure that all branches of Việt Á Bank, its transaction offices, and employees of Việt Á Bank from all over Vietnam are operating continuously and stable. Therefore, Việt Á Bank will be able to improve its customers’ experiences, as well as improving its own value and sustain the development of the business.

Additional information about FPT HI GIO CLOUD:

On April 13, 2017, FPT Telecom International Co., Ltd (FTI) under FPT Telecom JSC has launched the next generation cloud computing service named FPT HI GIO CLOUD. This is the unique service in Vietnam market, which meets all the most advanced and strict international and local standards. It is based on Japanese technology by Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ), together with top-class infrastructure, management and marketing experience provided by FPT Telecom.

FPT Telecom International is currently one of the leading service providers in Vietnam in Online Data, VoIP for enterprises, Private Leased Line, Cloud Computing, etc. FPT Telecom International core advantage is owning two data centers with a total area of thousands square meters, together with domestic and international broadband connections. FPT Telecom provides its Vietnamese and international customers with opportunities to use the world's most reliable and highest quality connectivity solutions.

More about Việt Á Bank:

Việt Á Bank was established on July 4th, 2003, based on the merge of two credit institutions: Saigon Financial Joint Stock Company and Da Nang Rural Commercial Joint Stock Bank.

Việt Á Bank operates as a commercial bank and has strengths in financial activities such as gold trading, investment, sponsoring, etc.

Việt Á Bank carries out multiple types to raise capital, participation in the domestic and foreign currency interbank market, and open market. Expand short-term, medium-term and long-term credit activities for all economic sectors. In particular, investment focuses mainly on small- and medium-size enterprises in the fields of production, trade, import and export, etc.

Việt Á Bank develops joint ventures, links with economic organizations and expands its service activities to provide more convenient services for its customers. The employees of the bank always ensure fast, dedicated, civilized and polite services.

Việt Á Bank will continue to expand the network of operations, strengthen financial capacity, build facilities and modernize banking technology. Việt Á Bank will continue to improve its customer service and strictly enforce the laws of the state and regulations of the industry to constantly improve its image and prestige in the market.

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