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THIEN NAM JSC frequently conducts the research projects. Hence, they face a problem about investing in the expensive equipment at the first stage, while the risk of implementing the ERP is huge. In case, the project is unsuccessful, business will suffer from the cost of purchasing the equipment.

With FPT HI GIO CLOUD, THIEN NAM JSC just needs to pay for the amount of the resources they need to run the test, POC. And then, they can request more resources for the production stage.

The company also does not need to invest in the professional IT team to administer this system, because FPT HI GIO CLOUD technical support team does that for them.

More about THIEN NAM JSC:

THIEN NAM JSC was established in 2000. At first, the company’s main business was selling raw materials and chemicals for the textile and garment industry.

In 2000, THIEN NAM changed the direction to manufacturing yarns. From 2000 to 2013 the company built 5 factories, with more than 173,000 spindles and more than 1700 employees, productivity exceeds 2,800 Ton/month.

THIEN NAM products are sold about 30% in domestic market, and 70% are sold world-wide. The international markets include countries such as: Korea, China, Turkey, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan and Latin Countries, etc.

Today, THIEN NAM focuses on building the brand name, by striving for their customers’ satisfaction, always finding new ways to improve on their product quality, standards, THIEN NAM confirms its position as one of the most famous spinning factories in Viet Nam.

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