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Public Cloud: 
A cloud computing model with which IT services are delivered across the Internet. The service charges are usually based on the consumption of the computing resources.
This cloud model is usually for those who don’t need a large infrastructure, don’t have a big budget to invest in the 1st phase, and don’t have a big IT human resources to operate the system.

Private Cloud:
A cloud model dedicated for use by a single organization. Data center resources may be located on-premises or operated by a third-party vendor off-site. Computing resources are isolated and delivered via a secure private network, and not shared with other customers.
Private Cloud suits for those who are looking for a tight control over their data.

Hybrid Cloud:
A cloud model which refers to the use of multiple clouds for multiple workloads. Enterprise customers with many divisions who run many different applications often adopt hybrid cloud to make sure that each workload is running on its most suitable cloud.

Hybrid Cloud is for those who require both: high data security and saving cost on capital expenses.

Multicloud is the use of multiple cloud computing and storage services in a single network architecture. This refers to the distribution of cloud assets, software, applications, and more across several cloud environments. 
Multicloud is an ideal solution for those who don't want to rely on any single cloud provider or instance. 

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